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Untreated Hearing Loss Linked to Falls Risk!

Falling is the #1 cause of injury-related deaths and hospital admissions in older adults. Learn how to reduce your risk by clicking below...


Are You At Risk for the #1 Cause of Injury-Related Deaths and Hospitalizations for Older Adults?

Falling incidents are the #1 cause of injury related deaths and hospitalizations for older adults and the #3 cause of injury related deaths for the general population. While there are many factors that contribute to one's risk of falling, including nutritional deficiencies, medication interactions, vision problems, etc., this report places special focus  on the role of hearing loss as a contributing factor to the cause of falls.

The risk of serious falling incidents increases by 104% for every degree of hearing loss. One reason is that hearing loss deprives the brain of the information it needs to be aware of your surroundings, leaving you in serious danger. This research report will outline the various risk factors associated with falling in older adults, the alarming statistics with regard to falls as we age, and discuss simple, proven, and affordable ways to reduce the risk.

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